Black Lives Matter: What Next after The Protests?

The murder of George Floyd, a black man, at the hands of a white police officer in the U.S. led to a global outpouring of grief and rage followed by all kinds of promises by individuals, governments, corporates, and other institutions. However, only a few months on and much of this energy appears to be ebbing. It must, therefore, be asked if all of this was just performative. Read more

Urgent action required to protect Black lives

There is a general sense of indifference amongst the wider population in the UK, possibly rooted in a misplaced belief that things might not be as bad as they are in the U.S. when in comes to issues of race. However, Covid-19 has exposed the truth about injustice and racial inequality in the UK. On 11 November 2020, the House of Lords and House of Commons Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) also released a damning report following an inquiry into Black People, Racism, and Human Rights. Read more

Vaccine Hesitancy in the Black Community

The Covid-19 pandemic had a severe and disproportionate impact on Black people in the U.K. They were twice as likely as white people to catch the virus and were also overly represented in the numbers of those working in frontline services, particularly the National Health Service (NHS). Read more

Understanding the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA)

The biggest free-trade area in the world came into force on 1st January 2021 – and includes nearly all African countries. Full of promise, the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) will need to overcome a number of significant obstacles before becoming fully operational. We explain how this agreement could reshape African economies for the better. Read more

The Price of Hope: The Human Cost of Youth Migration from Africa

Analysing the factors behind the mass exodus of African youth from the continent to different parts of the world. Read more

A Jubilee Line Train to Africa - Celebrating AFCON at The Africa Centre

My unforgettable visit to The Africa Centre, one of the few venues across London screening the Africa Cup of Nations football matches live. Nigeria's Super Eagles advanced to their eighth AFCON final after a dramatic penalty shootout victory over Bafana Bafana of South Africa. Goalkeeper Stanley Nwabali was the hero for Nigeria after he saved efforts by Teboho Mokoena and Evidence Makgopa in a 4-2 shoot-out win. Read more

Breaking Barriers: Advancing LGBTQ+ Rights in Africa and the Diaspora

Written by Rachel Ayeh-Datey, this instalment of Chakula Presents captures the key points from a discussion exploring the context of LGBTQ+ rights for people of African descent in Mauritius and the UK. The Africa Centre's Chakula Programme is a monthly series of events, workshops, and dialogues geared towards supporting and empowering Black and African LGBTQ+ communities. Read more

Africa on a Plate – The Emerging Role of Gastronomy in Reshaping the African Narrative

At a policy event, a dinner transformed contentious debates into a successful agreement, highlighting food's role as soft power. Soft power, a concept by diplomat Jonathan Nye, relies on cultural influence rather than military might. Nations use cultural elements like food to shape global perceptions, a practice called gastro-diplomacy. Examples include Thailand promoting Thai restaurants and France's emphasis on haute cuisine, both enhancing their international image and influence. Read more