Educating, Connecting, and Advocating for Africa and its Diaspora since 1964

Our Story

Originally conceived to foster non-governmental relations between newly independent Africa and Britain, The Africa Centre's mission is to educate, connect, and advocate for Africa and its diaspora. Previously located in Covent Garden, London for over five decades, we launched our new HQ in Southwark in June 2022.



Our Spaces

Whether you're looking to hire a venue for a one-off private event, regular community activities, or somewhere fully equipped to get some work done, The Africa Centre offers several affordable options.



Invite to Share Memories

As part of The Africa Centre's 60th anniversary celebrations this year, we are inviting members of the public to share their memories of The Africa Centre from back in the day. The collection will form part of a living archive, which will be one of the key legacies of this milestone year.


Author: Belvin Tawuya

DJ MDKAY running the London Marathon to raise funds for The Africa Centre

Podcaster, DJ, and fitness enthusiast, MDKAy is running the London Marathon to help The Africa Centre raise £10,000 towards developing an educational programme for young people.


Author: Belvin Tawuya

Location: 66 Graet Suffolk St,, London

Target amount: £10,000.00

Amount raised: £469.30

Our Impact

Six decades of championing the cause for Africa and its diaspora. We'll be celebrating our 60th anniversary in 2024.
£100K The total amount of funding from our latest successful application to the Wolfson Foundation.
8000 The number of people who attended our last free summer festival in Southwark, London in 2018.

Our events

  • Sabela Mahlangu + Scenes of South Africa

    Celebrating the 30th anniversary of South Africa's first democratic elections through art. Featuring the works of Sabela Mahlangu, a uniquely gifted master printmaker, and a collection of works commemorating the country's anti-apartheid struggle and celebration of everyday South African life. Read more

  • These Letters End In Tears

    Celebrate the launch of a Cameroon-set queer love story by debut Cameroonian author Musih Tadji Xaviere. Musih will be in conversation with mentor and fellow author JJ Bola. The discussion will be moderated by AFREADA and OtherStories founder Nancy Adimora. Read more

  • Heaven Is Dry

    Almas Art Foundation presents a week-long exhibition by Kenyan artist, Richard Kimathi. Heaven is Dry brings together a selection of works from Kimathi’s prolific career spanning three decades. The week will also mark the launch of a documentary film and publication on the artist, produced by Almas Art Foundation. Read more


  • "This organisation is incredible!! I'm in love with you, all the years you've been doing so much for the Black community. I feel inspired and I'm sure this opportunity that I got through you will help me to build a new chapter in my life"

    Gabriella Vallim
    Work In Tech Programme candidadte

  • "The Africa Centre feels like a place of purpose, where people can come together to learn about African culture and other cultures. I see it as the place where African stories will be told, a centre for African excellence"

    Julian Nicco-Annan (Juls Baby)
    Music Producer, DJ, Musician

  • "The Africa Centre is a home to all who are Africans and all those who have a care for the interests of the continent and its people".

    Archbishop Desmond Tutu
    Bishop, Theologian, and Human Rights Activist

  • "Collaboration with The Africa Centre has been really wonderful. Empowering young people through creative action, making connections with great inspirational people, building our school community, and taking steps to decolonise the curriculum"

    Emily Segal
    Teacher, Haberdasher Aske's Secondary School


  • Breaking Barriers: Advancing LGBTQ+ Rights in Africa and the Diaspora

    Written by Rachel Ayeh-Datey, this instalment of Chakula Presents captures the key points from a discussion exploring the context of LGBTQ+ rights for people of African descent in Mauritius and the UK. The Africa Centre's Chakula Programme is a monthly series of events, workshops, and dialogues geared towards supporting and empowering Black and African LGBTQ+ communities. Read more

  • Educating The African Child

    Education is embedded in the mission of The Africa Centre and is at the heart of all our programming. This means everything we do has a basic output of enriching and uplifting all who engage with us. Here's the latest monthly CEO’s blog. Read more

  • Remembering Who You are

    It is easy to be so engrossed in the day-to-day realities of overseeing the operational and governance challenges of an organisation such as The Africa Centre to the extent that we hold detail too close to our face and we don’t step back often enough to appreciate the true magnificence of the heritage and potential of the institution. Read more