Educating, Connecting, and Advocating for Africa and its Diaspora since 1964

Our Story

Originally conceived to foster non-governmental relations between newly independent Africa and Britain, The Africa Centre's mission is to educate, connect, and advocate for Africa and its diaspora. Previously located in Covent Garden, London for over five decades, we launched our new HQ in Southwark in June 2022.



Our work

The Africa Centre is a ‘home away from home’ for Africans in the UK and a warm and welcoming space offering authentic African heritage and cultural experiences to anyone with an interest in Africa. Our mission rests on Five Pillars of activity: Culture, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Community, and Intellectual Leadership.


Author: Yoann Van Nuwenborg

Our Spaces

Whether you're looking to hire a venue for a one-off private event, regular community activities, or somewhere fully equipped to get some work done, The Africa Centre offers several affordable options.



Support Us

In order for The Africa Centre to fully meet the needs of its diverse communities and continue being a home away from home, we need your support. Your contribution will go a long way in helping us fulfill our mission to educate, connect and advocate for Africa and its diaspora.



Our Impact

Six decades of championing the cause for Africa and its diaspora. We'll be celebrating our 60th anniversary in 2024.
£100K The total amount of funding from our latest successful application to the Wolfson Foundation.
8000 The number of people who attended our last free summer festival in Southwark, London in 2018.

Our events

  • Good News Music" Rebels Tazro & Trance

    A live performance by the gospel rap group Rebel! featuring two versatile artists, Tazro and Trance, popularly known as the face of the "Euangelion Rebellion". The summer of 2022 saw the release of their debut single 'Eternal Cypher' which was followed up by a bold and energetic music video. Read more

  • Lagos Afro Funk Collective -The Lagos Jump Sessions

    A live performance celebrating the Nigerian Highlife, Afrobeat, Afrofunk, and Afro-Jazz revolution of 1950-1995. Prepare to be blown away by the energetic performances and captivating stage presence of this talented collective. Read more

  • Christmas Market 2023

    An end-of-year Afrocentric marketplace showcasing a range of exciting products and accessories by various Black-owned brands and platforms. There will also be abundant African entertainment, food, and culture. A fun-filled weekend that is perfect for the whole family. Not to be missed! Read more


  • "This organisation is incredible!! I'm in love with you, all the years you've been doing so much for the Black community. I feel inspired and I'm sure this opportunity that I got through you will help me to build a new chapter in my life"

    Gabriella Vallim
    Work In Tech Programme candidadte

  • "The Africa Centre feels like a place of purpose, where people can come together to learn about African culture and other cultures. I see it as the place where African stories will be told, a centre for African excellence"

    Julian Nicco-Annan (Juls Baby)
    Music Producer, DJ, Musician

  • "The Africa Centre is a home to all who are Africans and all those who have a care for the interests of the continent and its people".

    Archbishop Desmond Tutu
    Bishop, Theologian, and Human Rights Activist

  • "Collaboration with The Africa Centre has been really wonderful. Empowering young people through creative action, making connections with great inspirational people, building our school community, and taking steps to decolonise the curriculum"

    Emily Segal
    Teacher, Haberdasher Aske's Secondary School


  • Making The Case For Support

    Do you remember George Floyd? Some may remember it as the birth of Black Lives Matter and all the different things this meant to us. Other readers may point to it as the moment of their political awakening. For those of us slightly longer in the tooth, we may recall it as another ‘moment’ in global racial politics, where the optimists amongst us hoped that this time would be different while the skeptics rolled their eyes with a resigned ‘Here we go again’ sigh. Read more

  • A community at the sharp end

    A sobering reflection on the recent spate of knife crime deaths of several young Black people across the City. What's the way forward? Read more

  • The Making of Home

    The Africa Centre’s enduring byline has been ‘A Home Away From Home’ for Africans in the UK. Throughout our history, this framing of the physical space of home as a place of refuge from the outside world, where people gather together as a family in safety to connect, celebrate, and find a sense of belonging and friendship has been of great importance. Read more