Hand on the tiller - one month in!

A personal monthly blog by Olu Alake, The Africa Centre's recently appointed CEO. Featuring insights, inspiration, thought leadership, and personal opinions and experiences of the CEO. Read more

The Making of Home

The Africa Centre’s enduring byline has been ‘A Home Away From Home’ for Africans in the UK. Throughout our history, this framing of the physical space of home as a place of refuge from the outside world, where people gather together as a family in safety to connect, celebrate, and find a sense of belonging and friendship has been of great importance. Read more

A community at the sharp end

A sobering reflection on the recent spate of knife crime deaths of several young Black people across the City. What's the way forward? Read more

Making The Case For Support

Do you remember George Floyd? Some may remember it as the birth of Black Lives Matter and all the different things this meant to us. Other readers may point to it as the moment of their political awakening. For those of us slightly longer in the tooth, we may recall it as another ‘moment’ in global racial politics, where the optimists amongst us hoped that this time would be different while the skeptics rolled their eyes with a resigned ‘Here we go again’ sigh. Read more