Since first opening the doors to its original home in Covent Garden in 1964, The Africa Centre has championed the very best in African creativity and design, rooted in the continent’s rich heritage and culture. As a vibrant, community-focused charity and cultural centre, the charity’s objective has always been to partner with individuals or businesses who want to be a part of and support the development of its programme. The completion of Tatale’s residency as the Centre’s in-house restauranteur epitomises the Centre’s commitment to providing a platform for the endless talent to be found in African entrepreneurship and innovation.

Akwasi Brenya-Mensa and the Tatale team have been in residence at The Africa Centre since June 2022, when the Centre opened its new flagship building in Southwark, London. Tatale brought a contemporary Pan-African concept that shared stories through food, art and culture, born in Ghana and developed in London. The result has been the development of an inspirational, culinary offering that speaks to the richness of pan-African recipes, allowing friends old and new to experience the best in contemporary African cuisine.

Akwasi’s innovative approach to contemporary African cuisine has rightly gained him national and international recognition within prestigious titles such as Forbes, The Guardian, The New York Times, VOGUE, Esquire, plus many more. The Africa Centre is proud of all his and Tatale’s remarkable achievements. We know that their accomplishments exemplify the boundless potential of our vibrant culinary heritage.

As Tatale embarks on a new chapter, leaving the Centre on 18 June, we wish them every success on their new journey. We are excited that our partnership with them has again inspired us to open the doors to next-generation talent, to emerging and established African and Caribbean chefs or restauranteurs seeking a unique platform to showcase their culinary talents at the iconic African institution. Stay tuned for more information soon.