“Introducing: Uppity, a one-of-a-kind intellectual playground – for the refined and the boujee.

Part town hall, part variety show, yet ruggedly intellectual, Uppity is a monthly interactive convening of writers, artists, thinkers, politicians, comedians, professionals and, most importantly: you - for an irreverent exploration of arts, culture and politics. All deep fried in unapologetic Blackness.

A collaboration with (and hosted at) the Africa Centre, Uppity™ is founded by the writer, broadcaster, satirist and former banker, Nels Abbey (author of Think Like A White Man).

Designed to challenge perception in a unique, warm and in places comedic and taboo-free manner, Uppity will make us all laugh, learn and come together to better understand each other and the world around us.

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Programme for Ep 1 of Uppity:

The Trial Of Dominique Samuels.

Dominque Samuels was a hard right-wing commentator who found fame and infamy through her (often inflammatory) commentary. She became a well-platformed and well-paid darling of right-wing media (you know the type – enough said).

In early September 2023 – out of the blue – Samuels confessed to being asked to be the face of - in her words - a “ghost-written, negative, verging on racist piece by the Daily Mail”. In the process, she lifted the lid on racism laundering at Britain’s most popular tabloid newspaper. Samuels, 24, has denounced her old ways as a right-wing commentator. Should she be forgiven and welcomed home?

The renowned comedians & social commentators Athena Kugblenu and Njambi McGrawth, the commentator & GB News presenter Albie Amankona and the writer and satirist Nels Abbey will lead the prosecution and defence of Samuels. Curtis Walker, a Black British comedy institution, will be our judge. Dominique Samuels will serve as her own star witness, but ultimately, you – as jury- will decide her fate.

Let bygones be bygones or let be-gones be be-gones? You decide.

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