This is part of the programming for the Totalitarian Props exhibition taking place at The Africa Centre in London from 23 June to 14 July. Screening two short films from the Sudan Female Legacy: Art and Literature Series by Frederique Cifuentes

Film 1: Fatima Mahmoud Babiker and Womanism (13 Minutes)

This is a documentary film about the prominent Sudanese scholar Fatima Babiker Mahmoud. She truthfully delves into conversation and reflection about her career as a renowned authority on Sudan politics and women’s studies and her roles as an activist within the «Womanism / Black Feminism» movement.

Film 2: Kamala Ibrahim Ishaaq Painter 2017: Documentary Film (14 Minutes)

In this Film, Kamala, a Sudanese artist talks about her work from her home in Sudan. She is a prominent and important African and Arab artist who first emerged from within the Khartoum School in the 1960s. In 1978 Ishaaq, along with two of her students, established the Crystalists, an artistic movement that embraced existentialism and rejected the nationalistic expressions of the Khartoum School. The Crystalists embraced feminism and a more internationalist aesthetic that served to critique problems within Sudan.

Frederique Cifuentes is a multimedia producer, curator, and educator based in London, specialising in the documentation and promotion of cultural identity and heritage. Her work is deeply informed and enriched by continuous multicultural experiences, cross-cultural dialogues and exploration of identities, histories, and meanings. Over years of research and work in Sudan and the UK, Frederique has built a significant archive of Sudan heritage through photography and film, spanning various locations and themes.

The screenings will be followed by a Q&A

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