Young Africa Centre

Empowering the youth

Africa has the fastest-growing youth population in the world with the Population Research Bureau predicting that the continent will account for 42% of the world’s youth by 2030. With this in mind, The Africa Centre is in no doubt about the critical role that young people will play in shaping and securing the future of the charity. Having recently launched an exciting new home for contemporary African culture and heritage in London and currently developing its future programmes, the Centre is keen to create a space for young people to freely express themselves, share ideas, and blossom.

Get involved

The Young Africa Centre (YAC) is a vibrant group of conscious young people (18-30) and we are currently recruiting new members in preparation for a relaunch later this year. The group is drawn together by a shared love and passion for all things Africa.

Our Mission

  • To create value-led opportunities and support each other with critical tools and experiences that lead to positive outcomes.
  • To challenge the existing misconceptions and stereotypes about African culture and heritage in the UK.
  • To create relevant and compelling content that promotes safety and a healthy exchange of ideas leading to happier and more fulfilled lives

Right now is the perfect time to join and participate in building a new foundation for tomorrow's leaders. If you're interested in becoming a member or would like to know more, we'd love to hear from you. Email: [email protected]

Diaspora Reflections is a storytelling platform that connects African creatives with members of the diaspora and beyond.

Their goal is to spark refreshing and diverse conversations amongst the diaspora from across Africa and beyond, exploring different strands of the African diaspora experience. This event, in collaboration with The Young Africa Centre, focuses on making members of the African diaspora feel at peace, and thus at home.

This will be achieved by leveraging The Africa Centre's beautiful space, allowing for gamified networking and intimate discussions, as well as participation in different art forms including dance, music, immersive poetry, and literature.

You can join any of the three available sessions for curated:

  • Live music
  • Poetry
  • Visual Effects
  • Technology & Art
  • Artisanal Food
  • And most importantly free palm wine on tap!

Booking for this event has now closed.