Back by popular demand!

Congolese Rumba and Soukous band Kasai Masai returns for another live performance at The Africa Centre.

Based in London and led by the 'Hip Doctor' Nickens Nkoso, Kasai Masai mix Congolese Rumba and Soukous meld with Congolese folkloric tradition to create an infectious form of dance music. Come and soak yourself in their galloping rhythms, strong melodies, passionate beats, swinging guitars, and moving saxophones.

“Kasai Masai successfully marries a respect for vintage grooves with an overwhelming urge to move the dance floor this is the sound of the old and new, of the countryside and the city, from deep in the heart of Africa…” Nige Tassell—Womad Festival

Kasai Masai is an established international band that performs at many festivals including RainForest Festival- Malaysia, Oman World Music Festival, World Music Festival – Bahrain, Zain Party – Spain, Clonmel Festival – Republic of Ireland, World Music LX09 – Portugal to name but few.

Join us for an unforgettable evening of authentic African vibes!

Booking for this event has now closed.