Join us for Art for Resistance workshops led by Sudanese visual artist Alaa Satir. Alaa is an illustrator and designer whose works often tackle social issues, and political and current affairs, taking inspiration from everyday life. She is known for her illustrations, murals, and cartoons presenting images relating to women's rights, the Sudanese revolution of 2018/19, and other social and political issues in contemporary Sudan.

These workshops are designed for young people of African and Caribbean heritage (14-18) who are passionate about using art as a tool for social change. Participants will explore how their artistic skills and vision can help bring about a better world. Don't miss out on this opportunity to make your voice heard and make a difference through the power of art.

According to Vogue Magazine, "Alaa Satir set off a chain of artistic expression in Sudan when she painted a bold blue and yellow mural of a crowned woman, arm defiantly stretched, alongside a rhyming chant translating to "Hey ladies, stand your ground, this is a woman’s revolution" on a blank wall..."

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