Following the successful conclusion of Tatale’s residency as The Africa Centre’s food and beverage operator, we are delighted to announce that Cally Munchy will be taking over as our new resident restaurateur, officially launching on 16 August 2023. Get ready to celebrate the rich and tasty flavours of an exciting menu crafted with love and tradition. Cally Munchy will operate alongside Abura London, who will be delivering an Africa-inspired drinks service.
Cally Munchy is an Afro-fusion food business that uses food to bring people of different cultures together. Founded in 2015, it began in Southeast London and has steadily grown into one of the UK's leading Afro-fusion Street food businesses. We look forward to the warmth and vibrancy that Cally Munchy will bring to The Africa Centre and will be working closely together to ensure that our diverse audiences are well-served.
Abura London is a new cocktail and art bar celebrating the talents of the African diaspora. It’s a concept where the vibrant tapestry of the African diaspora comes to enjoy premium African beverages fused with recipe blends. Abura means 'drinking well' in Twi, their vision is to be a place where the community comes together, to quench their souls for connection. It’s more than just a bar; it’s a sanctuary and a warm and welcoming space for all who love Africa and its global diaspora.

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Wednesday to Saturday | Lunch and Dinner Services

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Tuesday: 11:30 am - 6 pm
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