We are pleased to present Our Story: Africa’s Climate, a group exhibition of emerging African artists from Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Tanzania. Curated by Haja Fanta, this exhibition seeks to highlight the impact of the climate emergency in Africa through photography, illustration, and collage. Using storytelling as a vehicle, artists Antoinette Oni, Chioma Ince, Mihayo Kallaye, and Ngadi Smart give honest and thought-provoking insight into environmental colonialism, waste management, and historical activism.

Africa has suffered disproportionately from the climate crisis, although it has done little to cause the crisis. The ramifications of the exhaustion of natural resources have made themselves ever more present over the years. In 2020 alone we saw life-threatening floods in Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, and other East African countries. Despite contributing the least to global warming, Africa is currently most vulnerable to its dangers.

Acting as a cultural hub, The Africa Centre hopes to not only call attention to this issue but to further this conversation through critical dialogue on how Africa can build a sustainable future. The exhibition will be accompanied by an exciting programme consisting of talks and workshops around sustainable practices, grassroots environmental activism, and more.

Booking for this event has now closed.