Back to the Roots is a series of Samba dance and drumming workshops that will explore and celebrate the roots of Samba and its African foundations.


Ale Jansen  - 1.30 pm - 3 pm

1st class explores: Parallels of body movement and music from different African Countries and cultural influences that evolved into what we know today as Brazilian dance


Different influences which developed in different ways in various parts of Brazil. And the main and most popular dance form being samba.. 


Adriano Oliveira - 3pm - 4pm 

2nds class explores: Afro - Fusion

The 2nds class explores Afro-Fusion. Adriano takes you back through time treasuring every experience and every journey which has contributed to his unique style and training. He mixes different genres and styles of dance such as contemporary, modern, and traditional west-African but he is always faithful to his Afro-Brazilian roots.

Adriano’s main focus and objective are that his students feel the freedom to let go and connect with the music. He isn’t interested in perfect, classical technique but rather that individual expression and interpretation of movement is evident from each student and most of all that they enjoy the most basic of gifts that each of us possesses within…DANCE! It is an open level dance class suitable for beginners to advanced dancers. Please wear comfortable clothes ( e.g. leggings / shorts / joggers and a t-shirt) and trainers.

Beginners Bateria Class - Led by Musical Director ,Fred Turuka and Bateria Directors, Murray Anderson and Mestre Mags- 4pm - 5.30 pm 

The workshops will explore the polyrhythmic ensemble of a samba drumming battery (bateria). The history, rhythms and instruments. There will be dive workshop looking at 1 or 2 specific instruments in the bateria in more detail and workshops  with all the instruments together.

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