Support our efforts to decolonise the curriculum. Donate towards an African Education Facility

The Africa Centre is currently developing a new home as part of a broader vision to be the go-to place for contemporary African culture and heritage in London.


This vision includes a bold ambition to establish a global Pan-African centre of education, an all-inclusive facility that promotes the exchange of knowledge & ideas. The new Centre will provide access to resources that teach about Britain’s colonial past and challenge stereotypes about Africa and its global diaspora. There will also be lectures, workshops and classes on African Studies and Black History throughout the year.


Following the completion of the redevelopment project, a fully digital Learning & Research Centre will be introduced, enabling schoolchildren and students in the UK to connect with their peers in different parts of Africa.

Your support will go a long way in helping us create an inclusive learning environment that provides access to information about Africa and its Global Diaspora.

COVID-19 - A Message from The Africa Centre

In view of the current situation regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) and to ensure the safety of the public and staff at The Africa Centre, our offices will be closed until further notice. 

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