What we do

Culture | Entrepreneurship & Innovation | Social | Education | Intellectual Leadership

The Africa Centre’s mission rests upon five critical pillars:
Culture, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Social, Education and Intellectual leadership.

These are our building blocks, and the reason we exist. They drive our core programming offer, shape our outreach and are recognisable in the very fabric of the building and spaces we are transforming.


Africa and its UK diaspora fizzes with emerging and established talent in the cultural sector, from contemporary artists to prize-winning writers and innovative designers to ground-breaking musicians. We aim to bring together the best and brightest sparks of contemporary African culture, offering the audience experiences that are driven by a large variety of cultural expression.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

We believe that young creative businesses and the people behind them are shaping the future. By connecting them to the UK and to each other, we become a platform for showcasing their work as powerful change-makers of creative excellence. We provide hot-desking for entrepreneurs and start-ups and collaborative spaces to foster exchange and collaboration.


We plan to champion the African thought leadership through talks, debates, conferences and broadcasts from a wide range of sectors including health, environment, technology, culture, politics and business. We want to be a hub for exchanging and developing ideas, and providing a distinctly African perspective on the world.


Education was the Africa Centre’s first charitable purpose and our new education and youth programmes will immerse young people in contemporary African culture and heritage as well as provide them training and personal development opportunities.


Our longstanding mission has been to provide a home-away-from-home for Africans in London, and give ‘a taste of Africa’ for those visiting. As a bright, welcoming space for members and non-members alike, the Centre will promote social interaction, networking and dynamic experiences via its café, exhibition spaces, pop-up shops and meeting spaces.

Designing An Africa Centre for the 21st Century

Wednesday, 18 Sep 2019 | 6:00pm to 9:00pm

What thoughts and sensibilities underpin a pan-African design vision? Join Africa Centre Director, Kenneth Tharp and architect Jonathan Hagos, Director of FREEHAUS as they discuss the challenges and opportunities in developing a landmark building in Southwark.