Visit from The Deputy Mayor of London to The Africa Centre


On July 24th, Deputy Mayor of London for Business, Rajesh Agrawal, went on a tour of some of London’s local businesses.

Prime amongst those locations is The Africa Centre – recipients of £1.6m in award money from The Mayor of London’s Good Growth Fund in December 2018.


As he visited the Low Line and got a better understanding of Southwark and it’s particular story , he was introduced to the current Africa Centre, the team and some of the hub tenants.


The Deputy Mayor of London for Business had a great time (in his words!) and left us with this quote:


“London embodies the principle of unity in diversity. Our diversity and multiculturalism is one of the greatest strength of our communities. I really enjoyed visiting The Africa Centre and The Low Line and seeing first hand the amazing work they are doing.”

Team members from both Hatch Africa and Afrocenchix with the Deputy Mayor

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