Consultation meetings @TheAfrica Centre: ‘Entrepreneurship & Innovation’

The Africa Centre is launching a series of consultations to get feedback from its stakeholders as we are developing our new strategy and shaping our new vision.

Opening a Creative Hub this December with desk space for creatives and entrepreneurs and we would like to hear your feedback during our Consultation event next Thursday 10th November 2016.

Come to have a tour of the new space and give us feedback!

The events will explore Africa Centre’s five pillars which are the building blocks of the new vision: ‘Entrepreneurship & Innovation’ and how that will be implemented through the Centre’s programme activities and the development of the Creative Hub.

Join us at the Africa Centre, 66 Great Suffolk Street – SE1 0BL on Thursday 10th November, from 6 to 8pm.

If you can’t make this date or are interested in feeding back on other pillars, here are the dates of the remaining Africa Centre Consultation events:

  • Culture and Social: Thursday 17th November 2016
  • Education: Wednesday 23rd November 2016
  • Intellectual: Thursday 8th December 2016