The London School of Samba will deliver a series of Samba dance and drumming workshops that will explore and celebrate the roots of Samba.


1.30pm -   2.30pm

Join teacher Gladys Cavalcante as she introduces you to the Baianas from Brazil. Baianas are the godmothers and guardians of samba and are known for their signature twirling and long, flowy skirts. This open-level class will teach you the history and traditional dance styles of the Baianas.

Second Class

Beginners Samba Class - Orquídea Lima  - 3pm - 4pm 

Join teacher Orquídea for a taster workshop on Samba, from the Samba Schools in Rio to the world stage of the Sambadrome and Notting Hill Carnival. This open-level class will get you acquainted with samba no pé (the basic samba step) as well as with the performance aspect of this dance style, all in tune with Batucada rhythm.

Third Class

Beginners Bateria Class - Led by Mestre Mags - 4pm - 5pm 


The workshops will explore the polyrhythmic ensemble of a samba drumming battery (bateria). The history, rhythms and instruments.There will be a focus in this session on the chocalho, agogo and tambourine.

Booking for this event has now closed.