Welcome to Developing Black Britain's Mandate!

Black Equity Organisation (BEO) is working in partnership with Operation Black Vote (OBV) to create Black Britain’s mandate for holding the next government to account. This will include policy asks for all political parties of what Black people across the UK believe will make their lives better. This mandate will be delivered within the first 100 days of the new parliament.

Black Britain’s Mandate aims to unify and amplify the diverse voices within Black communities, empowering them to assert their political influence and shape a vision of 21st-century Britain rooted in a vibrant multicultural democracy. This vision is abouctifying past injustices and creating a future where justice, equality, and inclusivity are upheld for all.

The Africa Centre shares the goal to empower our communities, advocate for equity, and contribute to positive societal change and is running a series of interactive workshops designed to foster community engagement and shape a robust and meaningful mandate that aims to hold the Government accountable and raise voting awareness.

The upcoming election presents a crucial chance for change, and we invite you to participate. This session is designed to amplify the voices and opinions of young people aged 18 to 30. By engaging with the democratic process, young people can enhance their representation in political decisions, resulting in policies that better meet the needs and aspirations of their's and future generations.

Each workshop will follow a structured yet inviting agenda. Attendees will embark on a journey of exploration, beginning with introductions and an overview of the Centre's mission, alongside partners like The Black Equity Organisation and Operation Black Vote.

The sessions will encourage open dialogue from dissecting the core pillars of the mandate to addressing broader concerns and the importance of young voter engagement. Our objective is to provide a relevant platform for meaningful dialogue where we explore challenges and propose actionable solutions.

We look forward to you joining us for these essential discussions as we head towards the next election.

Refreshments will be provided.

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