Educating, Connecting, and Advocating for Africa and its Diaspora since 1964

Our Story

Originally conceived to foster non-governmental relations between newly independent Africa and Britain, The Africa Centre's mission is to educate, connect, and advocate for Africa and its diaspora. Previously located in Covent Garden, London for over five decades, we launched our new HQ in Southwark in June 2022.



Our Spaces

Whether you're looking to hire a venue for a one-off private event, regular community activities, or somewhere fully equipped to get some work done, The Africa Centre offers several affordable options.



Invite to Share Memories

As part of The Africa Centre's 60th anniversary celebrations this year, we are inviting members of the public to share their memories of The Africa Centre from back in the day. The collection will form part of a living archive, which will be one of the key legacies of this milestone year.


Author: Belvin Tawuya

Support Our Children & Young People's Education Fundraiser

The late great Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world". We are raising funds to develop an Education programme for children and young people. Many thanks to DJ MDKay who ran the 2024 London Marathon to help us kickstart our campaign.


Author: Belvin Tawuya

Location: 66 Graet Suffolk St,, London

Target amount: £10,000.00

Amount raised: £567.94

Our Impact

Six decades of championing the cause for Africa and its diaspora. We'll be celebrating our 60th anniversary in 2024.
£100K The total amount of funding from our latest successful application to the Wolfson Foundation.
8000 The number of people who attended our last free summer festival in Southwark, London in 2018.

Our events

  • What’s Your Blood Type

    Join us for an evening of interactive education on Sickle Cell Disorder and blood donation! Discover your blood type and learn from experts. Schedule: 6-7 PM: Blood testing and education 7-8 PM: *The Family Legacy* film screening and Q&A 8-9 PM: Panel discussion and audience interaction Panelists: Joshua Street, Nkechi Anyanwu, Iyamide Thomas, Calvin Campbell, Leanne Barret Raise awareness and make a difference! Read more

  • Book Launch and In Conversation with Professor Kene Igweonu

    Join us for the launch of Professor Kene Igweonu's edited book the "Routledge Handbook of African Theatre and Performance". Kene Igweonu is Pro Vice-Chancellor and Head of London College of Communication, UAL – a pioneering world leader in creative communications education across Design, Media and Screen. This important publication brings together the very latest international research on the performing arts across the continent and the diaspora into one expansive and wide-ranging collecti Read more

  • Chakula Presents: Roots & Rhythm

    Join us on July 12th for a night of music and dance with ChocolateKizomba. Enjoy a dance class and learn about Kizomba and Zouk music. This event is primarily for Black and African LGBTQI+ people; please book tickets mindfully. Read more


  • "This organisation is incredible!! I'm in love with you, all the years you've been doing so much for the Black community. I feel inspired and I'm sure this opportunity that I got through you will help me to build a new chapter in my life"

    Gabriella Vallim
    Work In Tech Programme candidadte

  • "The Africa Centre feels like a place of purpose, where people can come together to learn about African culture and other cultures. I see it as the place where African stories will be told, a centre for African excellence"

    Julian Nicco-Annan (Juls Baby)
    Music Producer, DJ, Musician

  • "The Africa Centre is a home to all who are Africans and all those who have a care for the interests of the continent and its people".

    Archbishop Desmond Tutu
    Bishop, Theologian, and Human Rights Activist

  • "Collaboration with The Africa Centre has been really wonderful. Empowering young people through creative action, making connections with great inspirational people, building our school community, and taking steps to decolonise the curriculum"

    Emily Segal
    Teacher, Haberdasher Aske's Secondary School



    Cultural institutions like The Africa Centre are vital, yet sustaining them is challenging, especially with reliance on one main funder vulnerable to governmental changes. In the past year, The Africa Centre has hosted diplomats, promoted African culture, and facilitated intercultural exchanges, but faces economic and technological barriers. Inspired by Marcus Garvey and W.E.B. DuBois, they advocate for community self-sustaining models. To ensure lasting impact, they've created a Community Forum Read more

  • Africa on a Plate – The Emerging Role of Gastronomy in Reshaping the African Narrative

    At a policy event, a dinner transformed contentious debates into a successful agreement, highlighting food's role as soft power. Soft power, a concept by diplomat Jonathan Nye, relies on cultural influence rather than military might. Nations use cultural elements like food to shape global perceptions, a practice called gastro-diplomacy. Examples include Thailand promoting Thai restaurants and France's emphasis on haute cuisine, both enhancing their international image and influence. Read more

  • Power, Partnerships & Collaboration

    Being asked to partner in major projects is both heart-warming and challenging. Recently, we received fourteen collaboration requests, mostly from unfamiliar entities. Partnerships are crucial for marginalised organisations, enabling significant impacts and cultural exchanges. However, power dynamics can be problematic, especially between Global South and North organisations. The Africa Centre focuses on equitable partnerships, preferring collaborations with its Affiliate Network. Read more