This is the Afroblush Podcast – celebrating & debating pan-african culture and lifestyle.


Episode 1: Transcending Race

Introducing the NEW fortnightly audio show by yours truly, which celebrates and debates Pan-African culture & lifestyle – recorded at The Africa Centre, London.
Episode 1 on ‘Transcending Race’ has already created oceans of comments and conversation. Let me know, have you transcended your race?


Episode 2: Failing Successfully

On this episode we debate over our definitions of failure and success, and what it means to fail successfully; with a view on how we’ve used our personal and professional failures to bounce back bigger and better.


Episode 3: The Art of Seduction

On this episode of the AFROBLUSH Podcast we discuss what it means to be seductive and how this plays out in design, marketing and dating. Today, film, music and social media create a galaxy of seductive stars and images. However, to have seductive prowess doesn’t require a total transformation of your character or any kind of physical improvement. Seduction is a game of psychology and not only beauty, and it is within the grasp of any person to become the master of the game.

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